Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Poem....Tiny Little Wings

I have decided to add the poems my mom wrote for Taelyn's funeral. It is beautiful.


A precious little girl, we never got to know
Was taken from her mother, only 3 weeks to go
There is no rhyme or reason, for this tragedy
We will never get to know, our little Taelyn Marie

This innocent little bundle, so fragile and so sweet
A beautiful baby girl, so tiny and petite
The face of an angel, not ready to take flight
Yet someone must have needed her, to steal her in the night

Taelyn's brother Keirnan, won't get to see her grow
Or watch her ride her bicycle, as she becomes a pro
Most of all she won't be there, to meet her mom and dad
Joe & Sherene, the best parents a child could ever have

The flutter of her little wings, as God took her away
Were never heard on Arron Court at all the day
She would have kissed them all goodbye, before she left for heaven
Taking time to turn around, to see them once again

A tale that we were told, I'm sure that it is true
States that angel's raise the babies, who are taken way too soon
Taelyn is in heaven now, with lots of family
To love and watch over her, leaving us to grieve

If we look in the sky at night, I'm sure that we will see
A bright new shining star above, Our Angel, Taelyn Marie

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