Friday, July 9, 2010

My Story ...part 1

I decided to start writing a blog today. I did this thinking it might help others in the same situation to gain insight into what someone who has been through the same thing is thinking and feeling, or to help myself. I don't know how to start so I will just say I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, and a friend. I have had the unbelievable privileged of being pregnant twice.....back to back. My first, my son was due on June 6th 2009 and born via c-section on June 13th 2009. My second, my daughter was due June 28th 2010 and was born on June 2nd 2010 via c-section. She was Born Sleeping. I lost my baby girl Taelyn Marie a month ago. For causes unknown my little girl drifted off to sleep in the early hours of June 2nd.

The past month has almost been like a dream, or should I say nightmare. I have to keep reminding myself I am no longer pregnant, I have had 2 children, and that my little girl has left me and will not and cannot come back. I miss her every minute of every day.

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  1. Babe, I love you. You are the bravest soul I know. I have been thinking a lot about you lately and hoping you are okay. Your little angle baby is looking down on you thinking she missed out on being raised by a wonderful mommy and she can't wait to see you again one day. She too has lost something amazing and beautiful. My heart hurts for you and I hate that I can't do anything to make you better. Time honey, it all takes time. Love you lots!