Friday, February 4, 2011

We Have An Answer.....FINALLY!

We Finally Have an Answer!!!!

To all who have been following my story and the death of my daughter Taelyn at 37 weeks....we have an answer!

Every few weeks for the past 8 months I have been calling the OB who I had when Taelyn died. And every few weeks for the past 6 months I was told there was no answer as of yet. In the beginning of December I was told they were done all testing and still could not get a definitive answer as to what happened to her. I was told within a few weeks there should be something due to last minute testing.

Well this morning I called...and I was told they have figured it out! WooHooooooo

It might seem odd for me to be soo excited about knowing why my daughter died. But my whole thought process surrounding what happened what based on the old saying "everything happens for a reason". I was just hoping that there would be a reason that I would know soon. I realize this happened for me and hopefully others to learn from....but I didn't think it would be like this.

Anywho here goes the explanation. This is a short form of what I was told over the phone....when I get the actual paperwork of the results I will add that.

I was told that Taelyn dies due to a blood clot that lodged in the umbilical cord. It is very rare. There is nothing that causes it or anything that can be done to prevent it. I was told that basically the force of the pressure built up from the clot obstruction caused Taelyn's blood to back flow into mine, and also caused a minor placenta abruption.

In a lighter way of thinking about it....decreased blood flow = decreased Taelyn basically was deprived of oxygen and went to sleep.

The WoW factor from the phone call came from that fact that this situation is very rare, and that it is a unique case. For the past few weeks as I was told it is already being used as a teaching case....and will continue to be.

That is the part that got me.....I was waiting for my answer. Not the answer of what happened....but the bigger picture answer. Why? Again for those that know me....It was never on my mind about "why me?"
The why comes from why did this happen to us....what is the bigger answer.....and we finally have it.

With what happened to Taelyn as I was could have been prevented. Within a week of her passing I received a call to go get some blood work. The blood work was to detect if any of her blood was in mine. I later was told yes there was. Now this is where is gets interesting. This one blood test is not done on pregnant females. It is only done when the baby has passed/died. So as I was told on the phone...hind sights 20/20 and all the the signs prior to her passing were showing that this would happen. It was preventable possibly. Again, I in no way am thinking OMG why didn't they do this earlier...I am thinking...EUREKA!

This happening has shown them that with certain signs....and a certain blood test...they can tell if a baby is going to die, and possibly prevent it. That is what I am so happy about. Taelyn did not die in vain. There is a bigger reason for her short life with us and hopefully another mother will not lose their baby because of this.

I just can't get over that Taelyn's case has already been used as a teaching case and will continue from here on. Amazing.

So I will add the rest of the actualities when I get the full report.

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