Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Letter to Taelyn Marie

Its been 4 months today my sweet angel. 4 months since I walked into that ultrasound hoping for the best and expecting and receiving the worst. 4 months that you have been missed every second of every day of every week for 4 months. I still feel you around us. I know you play with Keirnan and visit him when he's in bed trying to go to sleep. Then all of a sudden he's wide awake and singing to himself, and having a full conversation with you. I know you love to play with his toys, and to listen to the music. I know you come around all the time. But we still miss not being able to hold you, and smell you, and care for you the way we had hoped for.

We had and still do have hopes for you. It may sound strange seeing as you are not physically around, but we still want the best for you and hope you get everything you want....even on the other side I guess.

I heard this song again recently....and thought of you and your brother.

We miss you Taelyn
and your little pouty mouth
your red hair
your long piano fingers
your teeny tiny wrists
your big hands
your delicate little feet
your long legs
your chipmunk cheeks
your button nose
your stubbornness which showed through during the pregnancy
your little bum
your constant hiccuping
we miss being able to hold you
and smell you
and rock you to sleep
and sing to you
and play with you
and be around you
but most of all you

Its been 4 months since you became an angel and grew your wings

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